Secure Destruction

Are you in control of the life cycle of your corporate information? Do you operate under a records retention program that determines when it’s time to destroy records?
Or do you have a shredding program, but experience uneven (or questionably secure) service?
When you decide to destroy information, you need to ensure that it’s done properly.

Responsibility for your secure destruction means that your partner in shredding:

  • Meets your operational needs, whether they involve large volumes, unusual pickup locations, or high-security data
  • Complies with all applicable legislation, from HIPAA to FACTA
  • Communicates with you clearly so that when things don’t go according to your plans, they can be there when you need them
  • Reports on demand about what you’ve destroyed, when, and under whose authorization

At FileVault, we’ve addressed demanding records destruction assignments for 13 years:

  • Files are shredded according to a clearly understood program, under NAID-certified specifications when required.
  • Client happiness team members communicate status of destruction programs at all times
  • Certificates of destruction are provided to records management professionals and compliance teams.

Proper, legal, secure destruction of your data and records is your job: let FileVault help you get it done perfectly.


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